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Bhote Koshi-5 Hydroelectric project (60MW)

Salient Features:


Latitude of Project Area 27o45‟33” N to 27°49‟08” N
Longitude of Project Area       Longitude of Project Area      
District Sindhupalchowk District

Drainage Area

Total Area u/s of dam site MBKHEP Total Area u/s of dam site MBKHEP
Total Area u/s of intake of BH-5   2347 km2
Highest point of the catchment     8016 m (Xixangbangma)
Design discharge      50.8 m³/s

Design Floods

1:100 years flood at Intake 1:100 years flood at Intake
1:100 years flood at Powerhouse site 1335 m³/s
Diversion flow (1:20 years dry season flow) 128 m³/s

Middle Bhote Koshi Tailrace Pond Level

Elevation at tailrace     El 918.00 m
Spillway level at tailrace El 918.00 m
Deck Level          El 919.0 m

Cofferdam on the Bhote Koshi River

Height above river bed 6.2 m
Upstream cofferdam length 45.0 m (Crest length)
Downstream cofferdam length   55.0 m (Crest length)
Slope upstream and downstream 1:2.0 and 1:2.0

Diversion Flow Channel (right side of river)

Type of structure Trapezoidal Channel
Bottom level of channel El 914.0 m
Full supply level of flow El 919.2 m
tal length diversion channel 241 m
Slope of the channel 1:500 m


Deck level El 920.0 m
Invert level of siphon at entry El 910.0 m
Siphon length 122 m
Size of siphon (Box type) 4.0 m X 4.0 m
Size of the siphon Gate (W x H) 4 m X 4 m

Intake Portal

Type of tunnel intake portal Bell mouth
Bottom level of intake 907 m
Size of tunnel intake portal  80 m x 20 m
Gate type Vertical lift fixed wheel type
Gate size 5.0 m x 5.0 m

Headrace Tunnel

Tunnel Type Length (m) Int Dia(m)  Shape            Thickness(mm)
Shotcrete lined 5344.5 5.6 Horseshoe 200
Concrete line 2290.5  5.0     Horseshoe             400
Total length 7635
Adit at 3830 m far from the Intake

Surge Tank

Diameter                                           15 m
Height                                               47 m
Level of surge tank crown El. 939.0 m
Bottom Elevation of surge tank El. 892.0 m

Tunnel after Surge Tank

Concrete lined tunnel after surge  201.16 m, 2.1 m x 2.1 m

tank length Internal diameter, shape

5.0 m, Circular

Penstock Pipe

Number                                             1
Diameter                                           3.7 m
Length                                               285.1 m
Bifurcation Length                             21.77 m
Maximum shell thickness                                        20 mm to 29 mm


Surface Area of Forebay 830 m2
Volume of Forebay 2490 m3
Water level of the Forebay 645.0
Bed level of Forebay 642.0
Spillway length to Syangdi Khola 80 m
Forebay Gate 2.10 m x 2.10 m vertical lift gate

Penstock Pipe

Number 1
Diameter 2.10 m
Length 298.77 + 16 m (bifurcated length)
Maximum shell thickness, Steel 12 mm


Length x width 30.0 m x 19.0 m
Center line of Turbine El 767.50 m
Invert Level of Draft Tube El 762.50 m
Number of generating units 2
Turbine type Francis (vertical axis)
Turbine rated discharge 25.4 m³/s
Generator rated capacity 60 MW
Design Discharge     50.8 m3/s
Gross Head   147.50 m
Rated net head     137.4 m
Rated turbine efficiency 92 %
Transformer efficiency   98.9%
Rated generator efficiency      96.3%

Transmission (132 kV)

Connection point Sun Koshi Sub-station
Transmission voltage 132 kV
Length                                               4km

Access Roads

Road to Surge Tank   0.85 km
Road to Intake portal from Intake 0.60 km
Road to Adit 0.25 km
Bridge on Sun Koshi    1 No.


Length x breadth    0 m x 40 m


Type Single phase
Rating                                                         11.26 MVA
Frequency 50 Hz
Number of units 2


Rating                                                         30 MW
Speed                                                          428.57 rpm
Number of poles 14
Frequency    50 Hz
Number of Units 2
Rated voltage 11 kV

Power and Energy

Installed capacity 60.0 MW
Firm energy (95 % Exceedance) 185.992 GWh/year
Secondary energy 188.6951 GWh/year
Average energy 374.6942GWh/year
Saleable dry energy   69.86 GWh/year
Saleable wet energy             289.85 GWh/year

Environmental Study

Downstream release (compensation flow) 1.98 m³/s
Land acquisition by the project 30 ha (approximately)
Number of household to be relocated 10

Construction Period

Construction period          3 years from award of civil contract


Location of Projects:

Muchok, Takumajh Lakuribot and Saurpani Village Development Committee Gorkha District in the Western Development Region, Nepal