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Recently Awarded Major Projects

Kalika construction has recently awarded some national prioritized contacts, which projects are funded by ADB.

major project

1. Sewerage and Drainage Networks, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Roads and Lanes Improvement Project, Biratnagar under the Secondary Town Intergrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project. The project is operating in the second largest city of Nepal. 2. Birgunj Sewerage and Drainage Netwok, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Road and Lanes Improvement Sub-Project, Birgunj under the Secondary Town Integrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project. The Birgunj is major city and main boarder of Nepal and India trade. 3. EWH-Koshi Bridge-EWH Road (Nadaha-Koshi Bridge, Chatara-Rupnagar and Kanchanpur Market Road), under Department of Road SASEC Road Connectivity Project. The Project will beneficial to connect Terai and Midhill. 4. Improvement and Development of Strom Water Drainage & Urban Road Subproject, Nepalgunj, under Intergrated Urban Development Project.