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Kalika Construction successfully completes the SIKTA Irrigation Project

Kalika Construction signed agreement with the Government of Nepal (Department of Irrigation) for Sikta Irrigation Project on January 12th, 2009 and the total construction work that our construction company achieved for construction work was 12km. Main Canal.


Successfully our company completed the construction work on September 30, 2011 i.e. before the scheduled date which was January 11, 2012. All the construction work was remarkably finished with best results. The major quantities of works done are as follow:-

Major quantity of work done

Total Qty

Monthly production rate

Earth Works



Gabion/Boulder Works





540.00 M.ton

Concrete works



Gravel Road 12km. with 6m. wide



The Sikta Irrigation Project is situated in Banke District of the Mid Western Development Region with a cultivable command area of 33766ha. It covers 34 village Development Committees and one Municipality of the District. The project area is enclosed by the East-west Highway (Mahendra Rajmarga) to the North, the national boundary to the south, Dang district in East and Mankhola to the west. The drainage area of the Rapti River lies in the Mid Western Region of Nepal between elevations of 140 to 4000m. Of all the streams and rivers in the District, the West Rapti River, is the only river with a significant perennial flow during the dry season and is therefore proposed as source for the irrigation system.